Valuable background pieces on the Amazon as a carbon source

Along with meteorologist Bob Henson’s concurrent YCC post on research on the Amazon as a carbon source, check these additional resources.

Smoke over the Amazon rain forest

 Thick smoke shrouds trees and forest, one consequence of forest clearing in the Amazon. (Photo credit: NASA Earth Observatory)


After reading meteorologist/journalist Bob Henson’s comprehensive look at recent news that part of the Amazon is now contributing to – rather than working against – global warming, you may want to learn more. Here are some stories to complement his. 

On the carbon study led by Gatti and published in Nature in June, these three pieces add additional details and contexts: 

As Henson’s and Denning’s pieces note, this study is part of a much larger and complex scientific exploration. Here are three articles that explore and explain aspects of the larger questions: 

Perhaps you would like a refresher on the carbon cycle in general. Here is a good one from NASA. (For the role of forests, see the section “The Fast Carbon Cycle.”) 

The pieces above tell stories of scientific inquiry, the atmosphere, carbon, forests, and climate change. Other stories focus instead on what these processes feel like on the ground, for the people living in Brazil’s embattled rainforests. Here are three current samples: