Three Meat Companies Linked to Deforestation of Amazon Rainforests

Lead Image Source : Image Source: Rich Carey/

A new report from Greenpeace found that three global meat companies indirectly sourced cattle from protected areas in the Amazon. Two of the companies sold the meat to the United Kingdom.

The three companies, JBS, Marfrif and Minerva are now being pressured to disclose their Amazon suppliers. The new report proves that promises made to Greenpeace and federal prosecutors have been broken.

The companies bought cattle from a farm outside a protected park, that sourced cattle from inside the protected land, Sierra Ricardo Franco park. “This is how meat packers continue contributing to the destruction of the Amazon,” Cristiane Mazzetti, a Greenpeace campaigner who co-authored the report, told the Guardian.

The companies are now trying to monitor these “indirect suppliers,” that can lead to beef coming from forests in the protected Amazon. Over 55,000 tons of beef products was exported from those protected areas in 2018 and 2019.

According to the Greenpeace report, “In the first three months of 2020, 50% of the areas with deforestation alerts from the national forest monitoring system were concentrated on public lands (non-designated and protected areas). Non-designated lands are easy targets for land grabbers who will try to appropriate land without protection status. A solution is to create protected areas, such as Conservation Units and Indigenous Lands, but protecting an area on paper is only part of the solution. The simple creation or demarcation of a protected area does not solve the whole problem, and it is still necessary to “watch” and ensure the laws are being followed and enforced.”