This Natural Deodorant Is Hugely Popular for Good Reason

Primally Pure has cracked the code when it comes to effective odor control.

natural deodorant

 A selection of Primally Pure deodorants.
Primally Pure 

If there were such thing as a superstar natural deodorant, then Primally Pure would have to be it. This deodorant sells at a rate of 1 every 3 minutes, totaling an impressive 445 units a day. That's a whole lot of natural deodorant making its way around the United States and beyond, spreading its important message that safe, clean skincare can be just as effective as conventional. 

"Finding just the right amount of baking soda to combat unwanted odor while keeping sensitive skin protected is a process that took us to refine – but we finally did it. We’ve also taken our formula one step further and include naturally-mined baking soda which is even more gentle for our sensitive skin friends and won’t leave you with red, rashy underarms (or stinky pits)." 

None of the deodorants has aluminum, parabens, talc, triclosan, propylene glycol, or fragrance (the scent comes from a few organic essential oils), which means that there's nowhere to hide unwanted chemicals. The Primally Pure website repeats what we've reported on Treehugger in the past, that the FDA "allows companies to cover their chemically engineered scents with the term 'fragrance' on ingredient labels, all for the purpose of protecting 'trade secrets.'" Unfortunately, this comes at the cost of health.

When asked why people should consider switching to a natural deodorant, McDaniel has lots to say. 

"Conventional deodorant is one of the biggest offenders when it comes to toxic personal care products. Most of the ones you’ll find on drugstore shelves are filled with ingredients like fragrance, aluminum, and parabens that have been linked to sickness and disease, time and time again (especially when applied in such a sensitive and absorptive part of the body next to our breast tissue and so many lymph nodes). Making the swap to a clean deodorant can make a major difference in one’s health over the course of a lifetime."

That swap isn't always straightforward. Deodorant is not anti-perspirant; it will not keep you dry, and there can be something of a learning curve, getting used to having moisture in one's armpits after years of artificial dryness. If you can stick to it, though, your armpits will adjust. As McDaniel tells Treehugger,

"Sweating is SO good for you. It’s a healthy, natural, and necessary function to rid the body of toxic buildup and keep your body balanced. You will sweat (and you may be a little extra sweaty as your body rids itself of toxins when you first make the switch), but our natural alternative has a cumulative effect and the longer you use it, the better it works."

Primally Pure deodorant is easy to apply, as its consistency is firmer than most natural deodorants and it comes in a hard plastic tube for a more conventional rub-in-your-armpits application style. (This is the only downside; I'd love to see it in a cardboard tube or glass container, if possible, although the company does say it's a Level 5 plastic, which makes it easy to recycle.) You don't need much, just 1-2 swipes, which also minimizes residue on clothing – something I find to be a real issue with many natural deodorants.

I have been highly impressed with the deodorant and all the other Primally Pure products I've tried, and will order them again. The simple, minimalist packaging is attractive, the ingredient lists so short and clean that the products seem edible, and the results excellent for my skin.

Check out the full product line here.

Katherine Martinko, December 2020