This Lantern Creates Electricity Instantly From Sea Water, Lights Up For 45 Days

Engineers from South America have developed WaterLight -- a handheld device that can provide light and electricity with just two cups of saltwater. 

sea water electricityWaterLight

How does it work

The saltwater reacts with the magnesium in the WaterLight that causes a simple chemical reaction that generates electricity.  

Two cups of water give the WaterLight enough juice to be powered for around 45 days, based on the kind of usage its users put it through, according to Pipe Ruiz, an executive creative director for Wunderman Thompson Columbia, a creative agency that collaborated with E-Dina in the creation of WaterLight. 

In the process, the salt and water get separated. So when the WaterLight is no longer able to illuminate, the water that's remaining in the light can be used for cooking.