This Beautiful Wrapping Paper Is 100% Recyclable

Made from newsprint with soy-based inks, it's the greenest paper we've seen yet.

Wrappily gift wrap sample

 Wrappily (used with permission)

Wrapping paper may be beautiful, but it can be an environmental nightmare. With thin paper fibers, dyed and laminated surfaces, and sparkly, metallic finishes, it is often impossible to recycle. Unless it's reused a few times, it gets tossed in the landfill after mere seconds of appreciation. 

This amounts to approximately 4 million tons of wrapping paper and gift bags being thrown away annually in the United States. This is enough to circle the Earth nine times, or stretch 227,000 miles. It's an all-around unsustainable way of giving gifts to friends and family.


Newsprint is made from a mix of wood pulp and sawdust and "uses the least amount of chemical agents to change the consistency or quality." In the U.S. today, 90% of newsprint is made from recycled materials, reducing demand for virgin resources, and a piece of newsprint can be recycled up to 7 times. 

Wrappily goes on to say that its printing method "requires less energy and uses gentler, soy-based inks." There's a small degree of ink transfer that might happen to your fingers when handling the wrapping paper, but it's minimal – and there's a good reason for it:

"Our printing process conserves energy by not heat-sealing the ink on the paper, and does not use any additional chemically-based sealers or laminates — choices we made to keep the product as green as possible. Our paper’s soy-based inks absorb more thoroughly than petroleum-based inks which originally gained the reputation of rubbing off of people’s fingers."

 Wrappily paper samples

 Wrappily (used with permission) 


The paper should be stored away from sunlight because it's not acid-free and can yellow with exposure, but considering how short a lifespan most wrapping paper has, this shouldn't be a problem. At that point, you can either recycle it or toss it in your backyard compost: "Under the right conditions, newsprint will completely decompose in approximately six weeks. In fact it makes great seed pot starts for the garden!"

How's that for an eco-friendly solution to wrapping paper? Check out Wrappily for all the beautiful options you could order for this upcoming holiday season.

Katherine Martinko, October 2020