Online tool helps people make their homes energy efficient

Utilities use it to help their customers obtain customized lists of energy-saving solutions.

Woman at computer

(Photo credit: United Soybean Board / Flickr)

Most utilities offer rebates and programs to help people make their homes more energy efficient. Taking advantage of these offers can save customers money on their bills and reduce their impact on the climate. But many people are unsure where to start.

To figure out what would work in his home, Nishaant Sangaavi says he hired someone to perform an energy audit.

“And what I ended up with was a 30- to 40-page technical report, which to this day I still have not read,” he says.

Today, Sangaavi works to make this process easier for others. He’s CEO of a software company called Energy X Solutions and he says technology can bridge the gap between customers and utility programs.

His company has developed an online tool that utilities can offer to customers. It asks them questions about their habits and their home and provides a customized list of energy-saving solutions. Then it links customers to appropriate utility-sponsored programs and rebates.

“And so many times, we’ll hear our utility clients tell us stories about how their customers have now been able to find programs or qualify for programs that they never thought they could qualify for because of our tool,” Sangaavi says.

So he says that if given the right information, more people will improve their home’s energy efficiency.