Nordstrom Partners with Goodfair to Sell Vintage Clothes Online

It's a significant and exciting move toward making used clothes mainstream.

Nordstrom x Goodfair vintage



Vintage clothing is going mainstream, and this is great news for the environment. Nordstrom has just announced a partnership with Goodfair, the company whose mission is to divert clothes destined for landfill, prepare them for resale, and distribute in themed bundles to customers across the United States.

Nordstrom x Goodfair black jacket


Goodfair's CEO and Founder, Topper Luciani, told Treehugger that the company is thrilled to bring true vintage clothing to Nordstrom for the first time ever.

Nordstrom jacket back view

Meanwhile, Goodfair will continue to maintain its own online store, selling themed bundles of used clothing. Customers shop based on a general category, i.e. a vintage T-shirt variety bundle, athleisure or crew-neck sweatshirts, trackpants, flannel shirts, denim jackets, retro knit sweaters, etc., and they receive a box without knowing what the specific items will be.

The goal is to prevent perfectly good clothing from entering landfills, squandering resources, and driving greenhouse gas emissions – and Goodfair is doing an excellent job of this. Its partnership with Nordstrom will draw even more attention to the importance of extending clothing's lifespan and make vintage clothing more appealing than ever by using a prominent platform. 

Katherine Martinko, January 2021