Many companies pledge to cut carbon. But that's just the first step.

A nonprofit called the Climate Registry is helping businesses measure their emissions and share the results.



A growing number of companies have big plans to reduce their carbon pollution. But when it comes to getting it done, the devil is in the details.

“You can’t manage your emissions and reduce them until you figure out what they are,” says Michelle Zilinskas of The Climate Registry.

The nonprofit helps companies measure their carbon emissions – from those caused by heating offices to those created in manufacturing.

The companies can then use that information to figure out where to focus their carbon-reduction efforts.

The Climate Registry also encourages companies to have their emissions data verified by an approved third party. If that’s done, the registry makes the company’s carbon emissions report public.

“Third-party verification really ensures that there’s an additional layer of credibility to your report and you can really put it out there with confidence for your stakeholders,” Zelinksas says.

So she says that by measuring, verifying, and reporting carbon emissions, a company can take more effective climate action and build public trust.

“You hear companies making claims about their goals for carbon neutrality and things like that,” Zelinksas says. “And the public really should be able to tell in a transparent way what those goals and targets are and what the company is doing to meet them.”