How To Make A Sustainable Choice

Buying is what we do continuously in our life from daily use material to electronics, furniture and much more. Everything we purchase comes from nature.

Nature is the primary source of all things we buy. Hence, everything we buy is having an environmental impact. Not just buying, but everything we do has an environmental impact.

But in some cases, the environmental impact is high, and in some, it is relatively less. As a living being belonging to mother earth, we need to care about the effect on the environment from our purchase.

 Sustainable Choice

Our “choice” is what can make a difference. Whenever we buy something, we always have a choice. The privilege of choice is a better thing for us and can be better for nature if we make it correct.

But to make it correct, we need to know what is correct. Understanding what we are purchasing before we purchase is the most important thing when making a sustainable choice. There are a few aspects which we need to take into consideration before purchasing.


The first is the “necessity” of the product. Before even making a choice, you need to understand the need for that product to you. Is that specific product necessary for you? The necessity of the product should decide whether you are purchasing it or not.

Purchasing a product you don’t even need can increase the impact on the environment for no reason. Thus, before what to purchase? Should I purchase it or not? Needs to be your first question.

Material Use:

The time when you are sure to buy the product, firstly, you need to know which materials are used in those products. Because the material used in the product may have a higher environmental impact.

Knowing the material can alert you to these environmental impacts. Thus knowing the material used in the product can be a crucial aspect while making a choice.


Just knowing the materials used in the product is not enough, the manufacturing process matters too.

For example, the material used for paper are trees, which is having an environmental impact, but it is not the only impact it gives to nature. The manufacturing process also has an impact on the environment. The process of the paper building uses resources like water, electricity, etc. which is having a significant impact on nature.

It may be possible that the material used in the product is less damaging, but manufacturing can have a higher impact. Thus both the factors need to be taken into consideration before making a choice.


Durability is also an important factor which we should consider before making a choice. A long lasting product stays in workable form for a longer time. Longer time working of a product will make you purchase the product less often. The less you purchase the product, the less, will be the environmental impact.

For example, an electronic item which is more durable can be used for a long time than the less durable one. Product benefiting you and the environment as it will decrease the use of the material in the product and manufacturing energy.


The next important aspect is reusability. The product we purchase should be reusable for the same purpose or any other purpose.

Reusability can be reusing the product in the same form as refilling the pen, repairing the product. And if not the same then reusing it in another form like reusing newspaper for any other purpose. It will prevent the product from dustbin for a longer time.


One of the most important things when purchasing the product is recyclability. No matter how much durable product you purchase, no matter how much reusability it is having, most of it will still go into the dustbin. And if the product is not recyclable, it will stay in the landfill, polluting the land and groundwater.

If we purchase a recyclable product, it will again turn into raw material by recycling it, which will be used to make the product again.


Transportation of product can majorly decide the sustainability of the product. The product which you want to purchase if not produced in your country, then as we can understand, transportation has a higher environmental impact and the product may not be as good as a local product.

If the product you want to purchase is not local, then you need to know how it gets imported in your country. The product imported from ships can have a less environmental impact than the plane. But it is better to go for a local product if available.


In the time when the world is facing climate change, making a sustainable choice is an obligation to humankind. Because this is what will make a sustainable environment for the next generation. Thank You!!!

Prathamesh Sardesai, 30 April 2020