Eco-friendly products

What is an eco-friendly product?

In the literal sense, an eco-friendly product is one that causes no harm to the environment. This includes all three phases - production, usage and expiry. Having said that, without natural materials from earth, we cannot manufacture products for our use. That way, no product is eco-friendly in totality. What can be done is to go for renewable materials in a conscious manner.

Why should I buy an eco-friendly product?

Simply because the Earth is running out of resources primarily for two reasons. One is the population explosion that we have had in the last 50 years, the second being mindless extraction and consumption. The latter is so much so that we have the Earth Overshoot Day as early as August. This day is noted as the day on which the resources of the Earth has been consumed beyond the regeneration capacity of the Earth. The first Overshoot Day was on 29 December, 1970. In 2019, it was observed on 29th July.