App helps electric vehicle drivers share private charging stations

EVmatch wants to make it easier for drivers to find places to power up.

EV charging
(Photo credit: Håkan Dahlström / Flickr)

Peer-to-peer networks like Uber, Lyft and Airbnb have made it easy to grab a phone, open an app, and find someone who can offer you a ride or a place to stay. Now drivers can share electric car chargers the same way.

On the EVmatch app, people who own an electric car charger can list it as available. Then other EV drivers can locate a charger, reserve a time to use it, and pay for the electricity they use.

“With electric cars, many people who buy them today are single-family homeowners who charge at home overnight,” says founder and CEO Heather Hochrein. “But for all of the people who live in apartments or park on the street or don’t have access to home charging, there really needs to be better solutions to help make it easy to drive electric. So that’s what EVmatch is focused on.”

Hochrein says to grow its network, EVmatch is also working with utilities to deploy charging stations to apartment buildings and businesses.

So far, there are about 500 chargers in the nationwide EVmatch network. Many are in California.

As the platform grows, Hochrein hopes it helps more drivers switch from gas to electric – “and make that switch more quickly,” she adds. “Because with climate change, every moment counts.”