Adidas Aiming to Replace All Plastics and Polyester In Products with Sustainable Materials

Sportswear and fitness brand Adidas has been moving in a more environmentally conscious direction for some time now. Two years ago they remade their classic shoe using reclaimed ocean plastic. More recently, they made a football field from 1.8 million plastic bottles found on beaches. And they only plan to continue moving in a more sustainable environment with their latest initiative.

The latest global Adidas initiative aims to “replace all plastics and polyester in its products with sustainable materials by 2024.”

Masun Denison, Global Footwear Director at Adidas Golf says: “Sustainability is starting to become a bigger part of our line every year and we’re not slowing down.”

The Adidas Primeblue collection includes apparel and footwear “made from upcycled plastic waste found on islands, beaches and coastal communities” to prevent plastic pollution in oceans, according to Golf Digest.