About Us

So, why are we doing this?

Meraqi, a word that originates from the Greek language, is all about working with passion, love, and putting the whole of your heart and soul into your work. And that’s exactly what we do. At Meraqi, we believe in infusing life with soul, creativity and love.

It should suffice to say that the team behind this venture are ardent fans of mother earth. She has given us life and nurtured us. We are grateful for all the resources nature offers us and it pains to see it being looted and destroyed. The tree huggers that we are, the logical path for us is to protect and the preserve the very ground on which we exist and hope to thrive.

How do we go about this?

This is an online venture with both physical as well as digital products. As far as physical products are concerned, our task is to bring in the best eco-friendly products available. Here we go by the approach ‘Consumer is King’. We believe that this is more relevant than ever before since climate related disasters are making headlines regularly. The consumer who forms the largest single community should be able to exercise their power to buy in a conscious and prudent way. Meraqi products are eco-friendly and useful items that can help to save scarce resources, paving the way to a sustainable future for our planet as well its inhabitants.

Digital products are created by those who live by their art; whether it may be music, fine arts, books and ….anything that comes from the heart and has a soul! 

Who are we?

Our team members from India work in the fields of architecture, space planning, urban design and environment. Each of these fields offer immense opportunities for us to be mindful of the environment that sustains us all.

Making the world a better place is our commitment. Preserving the nature for future generations is high on our priority. This is what we wish our legacy to be.

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