What to look for while buying green cleaning products

The green standard followed is Green Seal (non-profit organization)                    


Sets standards through a multi-stakeholder, consensus-based process for products (such as janitorial cleaners, floor strippers, and paints) and services (including hotels and cleaning services) and certifies they meet those standards.

Certification Mark on a product label, a hotel or restaurant brochure, or a custodian's uniform demonstrates that a company has undergone a rigorous process to keep you and your family safer and healthier, and reduced their impact on the environment. Additionally, the Mark demonstrates that the product or service has undergone comprehensive performance testing and periodic on-site audits. Certified products, manufacturing plants, cleaning services, hotels and restaurants also undergo periodic monitoring to ensure compliance.

Where to find the Green Seal

Caring for Home

Household cleaners

Specialty cleaners

Laundry care products

Cleaning services

Bath soap and shampoo

Personal care and cosmetic products

Printing papers

Kitchen papers

Compact fluorescent bulbs

Building home


Paints, Coatings, Stains, and Sealers

Recycled Latex Paint

Outside Home



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