My Small Sky-lit Home

Sustainable and regenerative architecture are the buzzwords these days. Experts propound this idea in a big way. The concept also appeals to those who think about the future of human beings on earth. Experts in the field have found that buildings account for about 40% of carbon dioxide emissions. Right now we have the technology to curb these emissions that cause climate change related disasters which are increasing. The most intelligent species, humans, cannot afford to let this happen. In fact, they should act to prevent the destruction of human civilization.

We at EcoMatters, are always interested in being a part of the solution to preserve the earth for future generations. In this series called ‘Less is More’, a theory propounded by architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, we focus on reducing the carbon footprint of residential buildings. So how is that we go about it? Primarily, by reducing the size of the house but without compromising on the amenities.

Here we are showcasing various designs. This video is the first one in this series. Here we show you a house design that has an area of 44 square meter or 473 square feet.


This small house is designed to be a single space area. The spaces are living, dining, bedroom. kitchen and bathroom. The sky-lit dining space forms the central space from where all parts of the house can be seen. The four corner windows allow good air flow and cross ventilation. These windows have been designed to have a ledge where one can sit and watch the garden outside. This could be a reading nook for the bookworms among you. There is storage both below and above the window.

At the higher level, you can see bamboo blinds which conceal bamboo louvers. The louvers help in the escape of hot air. The blinds can be operated from below and thus you can take control of air flow within. The skylight is a feature planned to enhance the connect with nature. The bedroom has a bed with storage below. Flanked by two wardrobes, this area is a cozy one despite being open.

The kitchen has all amenities. There is enough space for the electric cooker, the wash sink, fridge and washing machine. Preparation area is also enough for a small family. The bathroom is modern and simple. The dry and wet areas are segregated. The window allows sunlight and air into the bathroom ensuring hygiene. For visual privacy, the glazing of the window can be made obscure.

The compound wall is porous thereby using less materials and also allowing visual link with the street. Flowers, shrubs and tress are an integral part of the house design. Fragrant flowers prevent the veggies from being attacked y unwanted insects,

Solar panels power the house and self-sufficiency can be achieved. Rainwater collection tank is planned on the rear side and is located underground. The filtration system treats the water that is collected from the roof. The pump an be located close to the tank and will ensure water supply to the storage tank on the terrace.

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