Global Platform for Disaster Risk Reduction Geneva

UN Press Release Highlights

13-17th May 2019

  • More than 100 million people could fall back into extreme poverty due to climate change by 2030
  • Over 200 million people could be displaced due to more frequent and severe climatic disasters
  • Water related disasters account for almost 90% of the most disastrous events that have taken place since 1990
  • Resilient infrastructure has a role in reducing disaster risk. This includes

     -meadows and forests (green infrastructure)

     - lakes, swamps and peatlands ( blue infrastructure)

     - dykes and sea walls  (grey infrastructure)

  • Member states urged to increase investments in ecosystem-based solutions for disaster prevention

“70% of the world we imagine in 2050 is yet to be built. We have a tremendous opportunity to build infrastructure that goes hand in hand with protecting nature. When we achieve this balance, we will reduce the risk of disasters and increase the resilience of communities, says Joyce Msuya, Acting Executive Director of UN Environment.


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